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Use this online storage reservation tool to select and reserve your storage space. We will call you to arrange an on-site appointment to complete your move-in.

It’s an easy three step process:

1. Select and reserve your space
2. Complete the rental at your rental appointment
3. Lock your space with your lock

Online Storage Reservations

Sorry, we currently have no units available. Please check back soon!
  • 5 x 10 Self Storage
    5x10 Self Storage 50 Sq ft
    First Street Storage
    Exterior Door
    Ground Level
    $ 63.00/mo
  • 10 x 10 Self Storage
    10x10 Self Storage 100 Sq ft
    First Street Storage
    Exterior Door
    Ground Level
    $ 90.00/mo
  • 10 x 15 Self Storage
    10x15 Self Storage 150 Sq ft
    First Street Storage
    Exterior Door
    Ground Level
    $ 105.00/mo
  • 10 x 20 Self Storage
    10x20 Self Storage 200 Sq ft
    First Street Storage
    Exterior Door
    Ground Level
    $ 125.00/mo

storage prices loveland, flChoosing the right unit for your individual needs can be a little confusing. If this is the first time you’ve used storage, there is probably some terminology that you’re not familiar with, but First Street Storage can answer any questions you may have. Details like what you’re storing, how often you think you will need to access it, and how long you plan on keeping your storage all play a part in selecting the one for your needs. We offer competitive storage prices in Loveland, CO.

First Street Storage in Loveland, CO offers you a wide variety of storage spaces. We have the following size storage spaces, subject to availability:

  • 5X10 (4′ x 7′ roll-up door)
  • 10X5 (8′ x 7′ roll-up door)
  • 10X10 (8′ x 7′ roll-up door)
  • 10X15 (8′ x 7′ roll-up door)
  • 10X20 (8′ x 7′ roll-up door)
  • 10X25 (8′ x 7′ roll-up door)

How Do I Choose the Right Size Storage?

As you can see, storage is available in a wide range of sizes at First Street Storage. To determine how to choose a storage size that works best for you, take an inventory of all the items you need to store. Also, think about your future needs and what storage price is in your needs. Is it likely you will be adding things later on? If so, consider adding those items to your list to be sure that your space will accommodate your belongings now and in the future. Our storage calculator is a handy tool to use.

Call First Street Storage to schedule an individual consultation to discuss your storage needs 970-646-2143.

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